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Re: Does SEO work for you?

by Harry Fassett on 18 Feb 2012 15:43

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does work and has worked for over 15 years now online. The question is, has SEO provided Distributors and Network Marketers as a whole more business and what has been the ROI (return on Investment)?

For me personally, SEO/SEM works great and I have at least a dozen keyword terms in the top ten and even some in the top five positions in the SERPS (Search Engine Results pages), with at least 100K+ searches a month between them, and I do get leads, but conversions are the usual, i.e. <1%.

This industry (Network Marketing) is probably one of the most challenging categories to be in for Search or for any marketing Channel for that matter, but it can get distributors results over time.

Like most things, there is more to effective “Search Marketing" than meets the eye, and that is where most fail in this area, i.e. there is a lot more to it than most are willing to deal with on a professional level, so it’s neglected by most network marketers.

With that being said, I do help and consult people who join my team in the area of SEO and Search Engine Marketing as a whole, because it will only help me help them as said in the movie Jerry McQuire, “Help me, help you!”

Something else… I’ve noticed lately that most of my actual “dollars and cents” business has been from offline marketing, and maybe because it’s the location I live in - Los Angeles area - that makes it that much easier to sort through 100’s of people quickly, and very cost effectively to find a few gems here and there.

So in essence, I do my best to combine online, and offline marketing as much as possible to maximize ROI and results in the shortest period of time, because the old stat, that hasn’t changed since the industry started back in the 50’s, doesn’t lie: 90% will not be interested in your business, and the 90% who have joined will drop out after a year or so in the business.

In other words, the attrition rate is very high, and staying ahead of the attrition rate is one aspect of the business most cannot and will not overcome. Many of the top dogs do it, and make it look easy, but it’s not as easy as they make it appear, and it’s even tough for the best of the best to maintain and sustain a large organization without the constant fast and furious pace it takes to keep things rolling, i.e. all the plates spinning.

I have solved this problem in a way - I think - nobody else has, and I reveal it to my team members once they join and there really is no competition against it. It really is a game changer and it pertains specifically to what the business is offering to customers/resellers.

Anyway, hope this helps…
Harry Fassett - Founder of Amazines.com has been working in the Search Engine Marketing industry since 1995. Currently an Independent SnackHealthy Distributor and Consultant for http://www.snackhealthysnacks.com